By Wes Wilson

The sequel to the classic screen game where students must figure out if the cooked bird they see is a turkey, duck or chicken. Oh, and watch out for other random poultry.

By Derry Prenkert

In this screen game, students guess if items for newborns and toddlers are real or fake!

By Derry Prenkert

Incomplete quotes from high school yearbooks--you fill in the blank

By Brock Odell & John Lindsey

FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR NON-MEMBERS! A modern-day video-based Tamagotchi game: the fate of this cat is entirely in the hands of you and your students.

By Tim Wildsmith

CROWD CHARADES is a game where contestants must guess the answer as the ENTIRE audience acts out the onscreen clue silently. All the clues in this edition are graduation-related.

By Matt Baker

Will your students be able to match an on-screen quote to the TV mom who said it? Play this DYM Games "Trivia" game and find out.

By Sam Pettersen

A hilarious video-based screen game where students must guess the costs of some of the weirdest products sold on Amazon.

By Sam Pettersen

If "The Price Is Right" and the Internet had a baby, this game would be it. A perfect send-off for your graduating seniors.

By Ken McIntyre

A screen-based game that asks students to decide which hilarious picture is a bigger let down.

By Ken McIntyre

Cringe-worthy church signs are shown to students. Students must decide if they are real or fake.

By Ken McIntyre

In this screen game, students guess which viral YouTube video has more views.

By Derry Prenkert

A game where students guess if a random holiday in May is real or not.

By DYM Team

In this laugh-out-loud, absurd scenario screen game, one student will pick the answer that they resonate with the most, and the other contestants will try to guess which answer they picked! It's simple, fun, and perfect for in-person or online!

By John Kryvoruka & Steve Gold

Cats are amazing jumpers! Participants watch these videos and decide whether the cats NAIL the jump or FAIL it.

By Matt Baker

In this screen game, students will guess what the revealed picture will be without seeing any clues or hints.

By Alex Hall & Andrew Randolph

In this screen game, students will put their knowledge of weight to the test by guessing how many of each thing/animal it takes to equal the weight of a larger thing/animal. (Ex: How many Hot Wheels equal the weight of 1 Ford Mustang?)

By Nick Clason

Technology has certainly morphed from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Can your students identify the antique technology in this game?

Students must guess each fail in this hilarious video-driven game.