By Danny Graham

We all know Santa has his class spy...Elf on the Shelf, but there are alternatives out there. In this fun, Christmas-themed game (Sidekick and PowerPoint versions), players try to guess the correct name of the spying-for-Santa combo. Good. No prep. Have fun.  Let's play!

By David Rutledge

In this screen-based "this or that" sequel game, students decide if products are dope or nope as Christmas gifts.

By Matt McGill

A perfect screen game for Cinco de Mayo and every other weekend of the year, testing your students’ knowledge of churros and burros!

By Matt Baker

Can you look at the pixelated image and tell if the child is crying or is happy with having their picture taken with Santa Claus?  

By Adam Knowles

Here we go again! The game is simple... can your students guess if Kanye is smiling under the mask? It's harder than you think!

By DYM Team

THE NUMBER ONE FEAR that all students have is "Have my parents been replaced by LIZARD PEOPLE?" In this video-based game, contestants will watch a clip of a baby seeing their dad without his beard for the first time. Will they recognize him? Or will they assume the obvious - THEY'VE BEEN REPLACED?

By Matthew McNutt & Heather McNutt

A fun collection of hilarious and weird photos that kids can compete to come up with the best caption! Includes versions for Instagram, PowerPoint, Sidekick & Zoom.

By Matt Baker

Can your students draw? Can they draw using a marker attached to a six-foot pole? Let's find out!!!

By Chris Hurt & Brittany Green

A Sidekick 'Photo Fury' classic Poser game with a farm animal twist in the ultimate battle: chicken vs. cow. It's UDDERly ridiculous and fun!

By Ken Leslie

Back by popular demand! Get your group acting out GIFs once again in the newest edition of this best-selling video-based game!

By Jordan Floro

The Travis Scott Meal at McDonald's is the greatest deal in the history of Fast Food! In this video-driven screen game, students have to guess how many Travis Scott Meals it would cost to purchase other amazing combos!

By David Rutledge

In this screen-based game, students compete to see who can put items in the correct order.

By Jakob Kerlin

A fun screen game where students will guess if the displayed teen slang is a radical term used by teenagers at one time or a bogus fake. This is a great game on its own or used as an illustration for a sermon on words, power of the tongue, peer pressure, or culture/trends. 

By DYM Team

Nursery Rhymes aren't just for babies anymore. In this screen game students will rap the rhymes they all fell asleep to as babies.

By Ryan McQuoid

Episode 2 of the A countdown intro video/game/attention grabber to begin a service.

By Ryan McQuoid

A countdown intro video/game/attention grabber to begin a service.

By Alanna Moine & Sue Tafalla

A fun screen game where students' knowledge of Bible moms is tested!

By Derry Prenkert

Students must remember all of the Summertime items shown on the screen in 12…11…10…