By Derry Prenkert

In this Sidekick 'Photo Fury' game, students pick one animal and make its noise. If the randomizer lands on the animal a student is imitating, they are out of the game.

By Sam Pettersen

Everyone poops but not every creature farts. Test your students' fart smarts with this screen game.

By Delmar Peet

Test your ears to see if the noises are animals or popular humans!

By Matt Adams

In this Sidekick 'Photo Fury' game, students use phones to snap a picture of the screen and attempt to catch a picture of a turkey as different graphics flash by.

By Nathan Karas

An animated video-based game where students must act like the animal on the screen!

By Matt Adams

We argue about who's the GOAT. In this screen game, choose between two pictures which is an actual goat and which is not.

By Tyler Jordan

The NFL season is nearing its end... so you know what that means? The Big Game is right around the corner! You guessed it - the Puppy Bowl! This fun screen game features interesting trivia facts about the cutest event on television during the Big Game.

By Jonathan Holmes

The Easter Bunny is back with vengeance! Can anyone from your group survive the Zombie Bunny?!

By Ross Kilgore

In this screen game, students try to guess which animal has been mixed up by a kaleidoscope!

By Tim Wildsmith

A fun, screen-based trivia game about Groundhog Day!

By Jordan Floro

A fast-paced animal-based trivia game where two participants compete against one another, with each being given 30-seconds to correctly answer as many questions as possible.

By Jeff Selph

A "Jurassic World"-themed DYM Games app 'Trivia' file that lets your students decide whether the crazy dinosaur name belongs to a dinosaur that really existed, or if it is a fake.

By Dan Istvanik

What are animal daddies are called? Do your students know the correct name for these furry and feathered fathers? Find out with this screen game.

By Jordan Floro

Trivia screen game based on everyone's favorite Christian Chicken: Chick fil-A! Includes a DYM Games 'Trivia" app file version!

By Matt Baker

The sequel you have been waiting for is finally here! Find out how much your students know about turkeys!

By Alex Hall & Andrew Randolph

A trivia screen game about ants and wasps!

By Jakob Kerlin

Do you ever wonder what sharks eat? They've come back for more in this screen game sequel (they always do)! Students must decide if the items pictured are real of fake things found in the stomach of a shark.

By Matt Baker

Don't get caught with the bunny. If you do, you need to hop fast and put the bunny back in the box first. A great Easter-themed active game.