By Joe Hurtak

In this video-based screen game, contestants will attempt to perform the cat GIFs they see on the screen and to see who is the best Copy Cat!

By Matt McGill

A perfect screen game for Cinco de Mayo and every other weekend of the year, testing your students’ knowledge of churros and burros!

By Jonathan Rayer

Bunny-Egg-Basket is a high-energy, holiday-themed version of Baby-Bronco-Backpack. Partners attempt to strike some Easter Bunny-themed poses faster than their competition.

By Derry Prenkert

Five ready-to-play Sidekick Pixelate game files in one amazing download!

By Jenna Bush & Jessie Conklin

This game combines the fun of a scavenger hunt and solving a puzzle. It's a great mini-version of the popular "unlock the box" games with play time at only about 15 minutes. This bird-themed game is easy to set up and your flock will love it!

By TimMedley

In this screen game, students view animal x-rays and attempt to correctly identify the animal.

By Kendall Yeaton

A Sidekick 'Trivia' game with 16 questions to test your students' knowledge of deer!

By DYM Team

Original versions of all 45 files that come included with Sidekick.

By Matthew McNutt

A fun trivia-based screen game about our favorite furry potatoes! Includes versions for in-person, Zoom, and Instagram stories!

By Alex Hall & Andrew Randolph

A Jurassic Park screen game version of the Price is Right! Participants attempt to correctly guess the dinosaur's weight.

By John Kryvoruka & Steve Gold

A video-driven screen game where students must decide if the cat nailed the jump, or failed the jump.

By Brock Odell & John Lindsey

It's like the original best-selling game infused with catnip!

By Matt Baker

Animals. Your students either love them or dislike them. But even if they don't like animals, they may still know a lot about them. Play this Sidekick 'Survey Says' game and find out.

By John Kryvoruka & Steve Gold

Volume 2 of the video-driven screen game where students must decide if the cat NAILED IT or FAILED IT.

By Eric Gargus

Back by popular demand, it's Volume Two of Amazing Animals! Amazing animal facts, stunning pictures, and flexible gameplay make volume two another screen game win for you!

By Brock Odell & John Lindsey

FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR NON-MEMBERS! A modern-day video-based Tamagotchi game: the fate of this cat is entirely in the hands of you and your students.

By Derry Prenkert

In this Sidekick 'Photo Fury' game, students try to be the first to call out the animal name or sound. Simple right? Not so much!

By Derry Prenkert

Think Poser with animal noises! It's going to get a little noisy!