By Nathan Karas

In this video-based elimination game, students must guess which object on the screen was released first.

By Brock Odell & John Lindsey

Bird Bird is destroying today’s fashion trends in a blaze of fire. See if your students are dressed for the occasion.

By John Kryvoruka & Steve Gold

Participants watch videos of lumberjacks chopping down trees and decide whether these lumberjacks NAIL it or FAIL it.

By John Lindsey & Brock Odell

A group game of chaos. This game is FIRE!

By Bobby Cooley

A fun video-based game where contestants guess if someone gets hit in the face, falls on their booty or turns out awesome.

By Brock Odell & John Lindsey

Food poisoning is on the loose in this creative and interactive participation screen game.

By Parker Stech

Bingo with emojis! Fun for teenagers and octogenarians alike!

By David Hughes

Hilarious original youth group game! A challenging brain-game that will make your students laugh and cry. Replay value is off the charts.

By DYM Team

Have you ever found yourself staring at the toaster placing bets in your brain about which slice will pop first?

By Ken McIntyre

In this screen game, students guess which viral YouTube video has more views.

By DYM Team

In this laugh-out-loud, absurd scenario screen game, one student will pick the answer that they resonate with the most, and the other contestants will try to guess which answer they picked! It's simple, fun, and perfect for in-person or online!

Multiple Authors

A whole slew of games for ya to start the New Year!

By Ken Leslie

Power Up! Get the crowd acting out these classic video game titles.

By Brock Odell & John Lindsey

In this video-driven game, students best be quick on the draw or they'll be sorrier than a cowboy with a burr in his saddle.

By Sam Pettersen

A video-based screen game where students must guess the costs of prank items. It's like the "Price Is Right" only with fart-scented candles and live ladybugs.

By Jordan Floro

Hate leading games? Take a week off by playing Savage! Every student will be engaged in this high energy video-driven multiple-choice trivia game!

By Ken McIntyre

This Jimmy Fallon-inspired video-driven game with a hint of Christmas will kill

By Wes Wilson

The sequel to the classic screen game where students must figure out if the cooked bird they see is a turkey, duck or chicken. Oh, and watch out for other random poultry.