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We played this game last week in our youth group ... and you need to play it in yours next week, too!

Get it while it is hot - the Whip or the Nae Nae craze will be gone before you know it, so have some fun dancing and playing this silly fun game. Students simply choose a move, and then get eliminated one by one. Maybe throw in a dance off at the end!

Total winner, and you can't beat FREE.

Created by Travis Prouty, check out his other winning games right here.

FREEBIE: Choose a Move: Whip or Nae Nae

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What?!? A totally FREE game - total winner for this weekend!

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Travis Prouty

Travis is a friend of woodland creatures and is about to be a friend of yours. This fun loving, nature-loving guy makes great content for youth workers like yourself. He has been in full time youth ministry for 5+ years, and was trained personally under the loving leadership and tutelage of DYM's very own co-founder, Josh Griffin. Despite that he turned out pretty well and makes GREAT games.

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Great game to raise the energy level
Still a relevant game. Lots of fun.
Easy Hype Game
Our students loved it. Still a relevant game.
Fun game. Kids loved this song for awhile
This was a fun way to connect with youth culture and get kids involved. Our group liked it.
This game was actually pretty fun with our students. Some of them thought it was corny when I explained the game but when we began they had a blast.

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