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Maybe you read about the best-selling games of the year on the DYM Blog or have seen all of the buzz social media over DYM's Game of the Year: Dead Cat. Want to get in on the fun? Get all of these incredible and incredibly popular games in one big year-end bundle at one low price. Enjoy these games with your students tonight!

Bundle includes:
Dead Cat
Imagine that your youth group was given a cat to take care imagine that to keep this cat alive, your group would have to make some pretty ridiculous decisions when faced with even more ridiculous circumstances. Dead Cat is a video-based game in which your students get to choose their own adventure based on the choices that they make.

Name That Sound
Chair Trivia
Did They Pumpkin Spice It: Volume 2
YouTube Showdown: Volume 3
17 for 2017 Bundle

Best of 2017 Bundle: Top-Selling Games + DYM's Game of the Year

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The very best games of the year, deeply discounted so you can grab them all at once!

Regular Price: $112.25

Special Price $49.00


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