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Everyone knows Donal Trump by his iconic hair. OR should we say his iconic hair-piece.

This hilarious table game will get everyone laughing as they try to figure out the closeup image on the screen - is it Donald Trump or is it an animal? We've played this game over and over again in different venues - conferences, trainings and youth group - it works for all ages and requires little or no skill. Everyone has at least a 50/50 shot at getting it right!

Die laughing. Pure brilliance.

Now ... just in time for his presidential bid, check out the hot new sequel Trump or Animal 2!

Trump or Animal Game

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Go ahead ... try to tell the difference!

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The DYM Classics are fresh again
This game was awesome when it was released and has been made new again with our Presidential pop culture. We played as a large group and had the students posed as an animal or make a fake toupee with their hands on their head to signify which way they were voting. The kids loved it, but the volunteers probably laughed a bit more.
Students love it!
Bob Rinella6/29/2016
We played Trump or Animal a few times in 2015-16 school year. Kids loved it; lots of laughs. I have the students run from one side of the room to the other to demonstrate their vote for Trump/Animal. For Jr. High students, the activity during the winter indoor months is perfect.
Hilarious and Relevant
Our youth loved it, we did it as an everyone playing game. If you got it wrong you had to sit down.
This is too funny--especially with Trump running for President right now! Two things that my group encountered:

1) the 8th graders had no clue who Donald Trump was until they saw the first slide. And then they knew nothing about him other than that he's running for president. (Oy!)
2) 20 questions was a bit too long. After about 10 my kids were like, "Geeze, how long is this?"

Would I buy this game again? Absolutely! In fact, I liked it so much, I bought the sequel. But this time around I am quitting while I am ahead - I am breaking it up into two games instead of 1. So two weeks of hilarious ice breakers for $3? Right on!
I was stunned when I played this game as a youth game. Trump isn't on the radar of youth kids much any more, but I was in desperate need for a game on a youth night so I threw this one out thinking, "Well if it bombs, it bombs." To my surprise the youth loved it, they were laughing at each picture. What was even more amazing was how many didn't know who trump was but thought the pictures of him were still hilarious.

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