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The Pixel Game is extremely simple and total blast to play. You’ll show one slide that’s extremely pixelated. On the top & bottom of each pixelated image there are two options explaining what the image could be. As you click through a series of slides, the image becomes less and less pixelated. Once you get to the last slide, the image is completely clear. The fun part is that the options are completely ridiculous and the final, clear (non-pixilated) image is hilarious.

This Resource Includes:
• Game instructions
• Title Slide
• 10 different images
• Each image comes with 10 levels of pixelation
• Each image also comes with a version that doesn't have the written options as answers (which makes it even difficult to play)

Anyone can run this game. The photos do all of the comedy for you!

The Pixel Game

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We bet you can't guess what the image is!
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Not put together
This game is a great idea and you get quality slides, however, you have to put them together yourself. 10 images with 10 pixilated images for each question is 100 slides. It took a while to put together and it only lasted for 5 or so minutes. There's also no reasoning for 10 pixilated images. There's no point countdown system; just pick the option you think it is on the first slide and then you'll find out in 9 slides if you're right or wrong. I found that my kids got bored by question 5 (slide 50) because there was no real way to know if you're right on the first slide.

Overall, great idea but way too much to actually put together.

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