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Super Sexy Super Pack


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Special Price $25.00

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Nine fantastic resources on relationships, love, sex, and dating that can be used together, or separately.
This will be a DYM Classic: HUGE timesaver, so helpful and practical—both for students and parents. It’s written by one of DYM’s best-selling authors and there’s an unbelievable amount of useful product that you’ll get in this bundle.

This 9-resource bundle will blow your mind! It has everything you need to pull off an all-out four week extravaganzical (that’s not a word, but it should be) journey through relationships, love, dating, and sex with students AND parents!

The Super Sexy Super Bundle Pack Includes:

2 reproducible devotionals: One to run during the 4-week series (God’s Word on Love), and one to hand out as a follow-up to the series (28 Days of Love).

1 set of Instagram images (Lovestagrams) that coincide with each day of the God’s Word on Love devotional.

• A very detailed integration plan that guides you on what to do before/during/after each week of the series

4 games (In the Name of Love, For the Love of _______, The Mating Game, and Over, Under, Equal - Couples Edition). One for each week of programming that ties in to that week’s lesson.

2 four-week word-for-word teaching series:

For students: God, Guys & Girls

Week 1: Relationships God created us with a need for relationship. Relationships get messy when they push us away from God or when they become God.

Week 2: Love vs. Lust God is the source of true love, and his greatest display of love was selfless sacrifice. Lust is a distortion of love. There is an elephant in the room called “pornography,” and we need to talk about it.

Week 3: Sex God created sex. He gave great purposes for sex. He gave clear parameters for sex.

Week 4: Dating The Bible does not have a lot to directly say about dating. The Bible does speak to some key principles to live by in dating.

For parents: Adolescence, Sexuality & Parenting

Session 1 - The Lay of the Land What is the current landscape of teen culture with dating, sexuality, and sex?

Session 2 - Pornography & Parent Controls What is the greatest drug plaguing our culture today, and how do parents fight it?

Session 3 - Biblical Sex What if we moved beyond abstinence into a holistic approach to handling dating, sex, and sexuality God's way?

Session 4 - “The Talk” that Needs More Talking How do we nurture ongoing healthy conversations with our family about sexual integrity?

You can seamlessly sync up all these resources according to the integration plan included in the download. At the same time, the beauty of this Super Pack Bundle is in the fact that although each the nine resources sync perfectly, they can also stand completely on their own.

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