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All of us encounter situations where we feel "the pull" to act in ways that are inconsistent with who we are and what we believe to be true. What should we do when that happens?

Message 1: "Spin Cycle": What should you do when you're tempted? The response of most students who have been in church for a while is "flee." But that's incomplete. When they try to flee they find that they don't know where to go. When they have nowhere to go, they turn back around and get consumed by the temptation they tried to flee from. This message explains how temptation works and gives a preliminary strategy for overcoming it.

Message 2: "Breaking the Cycle": Is there a way to move beyond temptation? Yes there is. This message offers two plans for doing just that. The short-term plan is "The Resistance Plan." It can be applied whenever the moments of weakness arise. The long-term plan is "The Renovation Plan." It can be applied on an on-going basis so the moments of weakness actually happen less and less.

Included in this resource:

  • 2 complete Word document message manuscripts
  • Graphics (title , key verse, and key point slides)


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This 2-week sermon series helps students make sense of how temptation works and offers practical strategies to move beyond it.
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