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Membership - Yearly


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Quick Overview

Best. Deal. Ever. Trust us, it is THAT good!
Why would I purchase a Yearly Membership?
Be a good steward of your time and budget money... you get 1 free month of the DYM Membership (save $19.99!). Get your budget and programs set for the year with DYM resources and $20 in store credit each month.

What is the DYM membership?
a.k.a. “The Greatest Deal in the History of Youth Ministry"

We give you 6 NEW, downloadable resources EVERY month:

- member exclusive 10 minute volunteer training video
- member exclusive video
- member exclusive group game
- member exclusive audio mentoring
- member exclusive student leadership curriculum
- mystery download

“Member exclusive” simply means we create this resource, each month, just for our DYM members. You can’t find it anywhere else!

In addition, you get:
- access to an online Parent Newsletter Builder… that’s amazing!
- access to a FREE texting account through DYMtext.

Last but not least:
You get $20 in store credit EACH MONTH to spend on whatever you want in the store!

The cost of the membership itself is only $19.99 per month. It’s a no-brainer if you plan to spend even close to $20 on resources in the DYM store.

Let’s review: 8 new products every month PLUS $20 credit to spend on resources, for only $19.99/month (or in your case $219.89 for 11 months and the 12th is free!). Hence, the Greatest Deal in the History of Youth Ministry.

How does it work?
The 1st of every month is like Christmas morning for DYM members. The previous month’s member resources are swapped out with the newest member resources.

The $20 store credit is added the day you sign up and then again every month on that same sign-up day.

If you are into fine print, here it is!

Important to note: It’s $219.89 for an entire year, saving you one month's charge of $19.99. One year from the day you sign up your membership will automatically renew and will be charged.

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