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Another series from Josh Griffin, High School Pastor at Saddleback Church. This series was a huge hit with our students and easily the best-received teaching of the year. If you've never used one of Josh's resources before they are full manuscript outlines (2,000+ words per talk) and ready for you to edit and teach immediately.

WEEK 1 - InstaLife: Jealousy - Wanting Someone Else's Username
Being jealous shows that we are not satisfied with what God has given us, that what we have is not enough. The Bible tells us that we need to be content with what we have because God would never forsake us and leave us with nothing. In order to go head to head with jealousy we need to become more like Jesus and less like ourselves. We need to stop wanting and ogling what everyone else posts through Instagram.

WEEK 2 - InstaLife: Being Fake - Look Behind the Filter
We post pictures online for everyone to see. We will post pictures on this app to allow other people to get a little glimpse into our lives. Many post pictures of the life they wish they had or pictures from only the good parts, giving the false perception to everyone who sees it thinking that you are just fine and dandy when in reality you are truly hurting. It is time to stop pretending that everything is okay and come to Jesus get out from behind the filter.


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A 2-week teaching series on jealousy and living with #nofilter

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Josh Griffin (@joshuagriffin)
is one of the leading voices in youth ministry with over 20 years’ experience in the trenches, most recently as the High School Pastor at Saddleback Church. He's the co-founder of and hosts a 300+ episode youth ministry podcast with Doug Fields. He's created more than 100 youth ministry resources and authored several books. Josh and his wife Angela have 3 teenagers in their house right now, with one more close behind!

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Very Relatable for ALL Students!
Chad Merrihew4/23/2017
This series is very relatable to junior high and high school students alike. It asks good questions - forcing students to think inwardly about important realities ALL people struggle with. A "must-teach" series for every youth group.

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