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Doug Fields and Josh Griffin talk to students about healthy relationships with parents:

Week 1 - Trust Builders and Trust Busters
Communication is absolutely critical in a healthy relationship between you and your parents. Communication builds trust, but trust can be lost in a moment. It takes years to build, and moments to lose - think about the last time you stayed out past curfew if you need a reminder of that fact. Respect, honor and obey your parents - doing so will build trust - which is the gateway to a healthy relationship that pleases God.

Week 2 - Problem or Solution?
Doug Fields talks to students about forgiveness, faith, thankfulness and the power of words.

How to Raise Your Parents

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A 2-week series on parents and teenagers

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Doug Fields is a 30+ year youth ministry veteran who is the Author of 50+ books, Co-founder of Download Ministry, Speaker, Consultant, lover of all things Orange (based in Atlanta), still works with his old youth pastor at the HomeWord Center for Youth & Family at Azusa Pacific University.
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Great 2 week series on parents/home life
Justin Knowles11/24/2016
Our students ate this up and they were all challenged. The outlines provided a great direction and the Biblical application was great and challenging. If you are looking for a parents series, use this one.
Good stuff!
I broke this lesson up into 3 weeks instead of 2 for my group (Split the second lesson in half). I was thrilled with this series and with how my kids responded. I added in some small group icebreaker questions to get them thinking about their relationship with their parents, but besides that, I didn't use any other material, (besides changing some of the stories and making them my own).

MAKE SURE you have a couple weeks to figure out the main illustration from the first message. There is a video of the illustration. I just scaled it down a lot when I did it with my group. The illustration can be done differently, and does not "make or break" the message if not done exactly the way that the original is done.

All that being said, this is an excellent series to get teens engaging with their parents (saved or unsaved) in a healthier context. I was amazed at the teen-started conversations I had during and after the series about teens needing to talk with their parents about things going on in their lives. This was a refreshing and exciting series. (It was also super easy to promote. "How to raise my parents? I'm definitely coming to that!"
Great 2 week series for relationships dealing with authority, nut just parents.
Very well put together, but there are some slides that seem pretty specific when mentioned in the opening ice-breaker-ish part of the message. They are rejected ideas for title slides. They are meant to be funny. Seems like an excellent idea! The thing is,those slides aren't included. The only slides included are the ones for a title and background to make your own.

Besides that, it seems solid, biblical, and memorable. I will be doing this series in a couple of weeks, and may do another review after I'm done if I think it needs changing.
Great topic - materials seem incomplete
We have enjoyed this two-week series. Biblical material is great, connect-ability with teens is high, but there seems to be an item missing from the downloads, the audio recording of session two. There is HD title slides, and a blank HD slide background that you can use to create your own slides, a transcript of both sessions and an audio recording of session one. It is not the end of the world to not have audio of session two, but having audio of one and not of two seems like an oversight.

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