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"Nobody uses Twitter. It's so lame. Instagram is better." You might have that "one student" who refused to participate when you played the first installment of Follower Face-off. Well, now you can please the Instagram addicts in your youth group!

The rules are simple: You see two Instagram accounts (ex. Channing Tatum or Harry Styles… or Starbucks vs. Nike) and then decide which one has more followers. Be prepared to be surprised and have a ton of fun in the process.

This purchase includes an editable PowerPoint file and 26 JPEG slides – 12 question slides, 12 answer slides, title slide, rules slide, and background template slide.

Check out what these fake students are saying about this game:

  • CARL (age 18): "It was a good game. I liked it. I almost fell out of my bean bag chair when I saw that Nike had more followers than Starbucks.”
  • JESSICA (age 16): "I had so many deep questions about life until I played this game. After playing, I still had the same questions, but I was glad I know that more people follow The Ellen Show than the Tonight Show. Because I know that, I'm okay with my life. For now."
  • JOSIAH (Age 15... Homeschooled): "I told my youth pastor to stop playing games based on Twitter because Instagram is better. I'm glad she listened to me. I still refused to play, but I'm glad she listened."
  • Follower Faceoff – Instagram Edition

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    Guess who has more followers in this head-to-head faceoff!
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