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5 games to engage your group before the Big Game, at commercial breaks, or during halftime.

• What in the Word?
• Patriots or Falcons
• Big Game Trivia
• The Commercial Challenge
• Super Bowls Volume 1

The Big Game Bundle!

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Everything you need to create some rivalry before and during the Big Game!

Regular Price: $18.75

Special Price $11.25


Gregg serves as the campus pastor at his Long Island, NY church. He’s a pizza snob and loves the Mets so much he worked as a vendor for three years to get into games for free. Everyone in his family calls him by his middle name, Peter, or GP.

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Great bundle of games to play on Super Bowl Sunday. Most can be reused year to year.
All of these games were a HUGE success on Super Bowl Sunday! Our students especially thought that the Super Bowls game was hilarious and interesting - It was fun to learn some fun facts about toilet history and laugh about the various multiple choice options.. The Big Game Trivia has great graphics and a great game to quiz those students who have a wealth of sports knowledge but also some commercial and food trivia as well. Where In the Word is a fun way to get students using Bibles to look up NFL team names. It can be used as a speed competition and it is nice that it gives you specific translations to use for each slide. Patriots and Falcons is obviously very specific to this year's Super Bowl but also great trivia questions about each team. The Commercial Challenge is something that can be played every year during your Super Bowl parties. It is a scavenger hunt that asks students to choose items from various categories that they think will appear in the Super Bowl commercials.
This is a bundle!
If you are a procrastinator, like me, then this is exactly what you need for any of your Super Bowl week youth events. These games were a hit for our students. Way to go!

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