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Fruit seems to be a big deal to Jesus. In fact, He once said, "You'll know a tree by its fruit." From Roots To Fruits is an in-depth look at a pretty familiar passage. These 9 lessons will take your students in and through the 9 Fruits of the Spirit that we're taught are the marks of a follower of Jesus. You'll find a fresh perspective on what it means to be loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, gentle, faithful, and self-controlled.

Each lesson gives an opening activity, icebreaker question(s), Scripture passages, and discussion questions to guide students into a deeper understanding of what it means to be a fruitful follower of Christ. This series isn't just for summer, but when most summer breaks are about 9 weeks long, it's a perfect fit! Take a bite out of this juicy small group experience!

From Roots to Fruits

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9-week curriculum on being a follower of Jesus

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Born in the sticks, raised at the beach, and a lover of the city, Jerry has been in fulltime student ministry since 1995. He has connected with students all over the country about what life is like following a wide-eyed Jesus. Jerry graduated from Nyack College with a degree in Bible and Youth Ministry. He somehow talked his college sweetheart Merritt into marrying him and together they've created 4 kids. Jerry loves to write, communicate God's Word to students, invest in leaders, and consume cheese burgers.

Serving students and families on the Southside of Richmond since 2004, Jerry serves as Student Discipleship Pastor.

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I needed something easy to teach for our summer Sunday School, and this was perfect! The students participated and everyone really enjoyed the perspective! And the teachers really appreciated the easy to follow layout and direction.
Would Recommend
From Roots To Fruits unpacks each fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23 for a total of 9 lessons. It also features a 1 page introductory letter to small group leaders that includes a guided prayer for the small group leader to pray over their group. A solid resource for a youth pastor overseeing volunteer-led small groups.

Each lesson is about 2 pages long with an icebreaker activity to start, then discussion questions to facilitate conversation about the fruit of the week. Interspersed throughout the discussion are research tidbits and Scripture suggestions to further nurture the discussion.

The icebreaker activities are pretty standard youth group stuff. Each activity has discussion questions for tie-in as well. However, I didn't think most of the activities correlated particularly well. Maybe that was not the author's intent, but in my opinion, it hurts the flow of the lesson. On the other hand, if you just want a fun, simple activity to kick the lesson off they are decent and they are provided (which means you don't have to spend time searching for and choosing an activity yourself)

The guided discussion is easy for students to follow and relate to without sacrificing depth. The questions build well on each other as well. For me, that's pretty much everything I am asking for for $1/week curriculum. I docked one star on quality simply because I would have liked to see a better correlation between the icebreaker activities and the lesson. Nonetheless, I would recommend this series wholeheartedly!

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