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I had the privilege to sit down with a friend who was interested in starting her own blog and we discussed what it would take to setup a blog. It was interesting to hear about her enthusiasm for wanting to start writing online and making her voice heard. She drilled me with question after question on how to not only start well, but also build a foundation for continued success. I quickly realized that we needed to provide a written resource for people on how to setup a blog, from start to finish.

Below, in the table of contents, is a list of all of the topics to be covered. While this series is perfect for beginning bloggers, it will also be a great refresher for veteran bloggers who need a renewed spirit to keep pushing out great content.

  • What Will You Write?
  • Know Your Audience
  • Creating A Blogging Strategy
  • Setting Up The Blog
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Network, Network, Network
  • Develop A Routine
  • Measuring Success
  • SEO Tools
  • Prepare For Launch
  • Reassessing This Adventure
  • Effective Blogging

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    ebook - 50 Tips To A Successful Blog

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    Not What Advertised As
    This is an excellent PDF about how to get started on your own personal blog. This would be fantastic if/when I want to start my own blog. However, I was linked to this item from an article talking about developing blogging skills in student leaders. This guide is very much NOT that guide. That guide would have information about how to set up multiple users, private pages on a blog for students, and how to get them into the wiring process. This guide does not contain those things. This is a very in-depth guide about how to start your own personal blog and make it successful.

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