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This fun, contemporary, and witty game challenges contestants to put strange facts with A-list celebrity couples. With both fictional and real couples, this game is fun and filled with laughs! With questions ranging from difficult to right out ridiculous, this game has more than a few jokes built in.
For a twist, award the contestant with the fewest right answers the prize for "actually caring about things that matter!" Then give the remaining contestants Bibles.

Sample Question
"This totally out-of-this-world couple got together after she realized she'd been dating her brother." (Leia and Han Solo)
*includes 11 question slides and a short intro video

Celebrity Couples Trivia

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Travis is a friend of woodland creatures and is about to be a friend of yours. This fun loving, nature-loving guy makes great content for youth workers like yourself. He has been in full time youth ministry for 5+ years, and was trained personally under the loving leadership and tutelage of DYM's very own co-founder, Josh Griffin. Despite that he turned out pretty well and makes GREAT games.

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