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Remember the feeling you'd get as a kid on the night before your birthday? Just knowing that the next day would be full of amazing things: presents, surprises, cake, maybe even a pony ride?!

With a DYM Membership, you can have that feeling again--that "I'm so excited, I hope I don't throw up" feeling--twelve times a year! Because you know the 1st of every month will be filled with amazing things: EIGHT new resources--including a mystery item--and $20 store credit to treat yourself to even more new gifts!

We don't deliver the cake, but feel free to pick up a Twinkie from the store, light a candle and softly sing 'Happy Birthday' to yourself. You've earned it! For saving yourself so much time and saving your church some money! (When you sign-up as a yearly member, you get 1 month FREE!)

Clearly, The DYM Membership is known as the “Greatest Deal in the History of Youth Ministry” for a reason.

DYM. Helping Youth Workers Win.

Curious about exactly what’s included in this membership? Go here to find out.

Important note:
$219.89 will be automatically charged to the card on file once-a-year beginning the day you sign-up and each year on that same date.

If you are into fine print, here it is! If you don’t find full value in the DYM Membership, have any questions, or have trouble canceling you can always contact us at! We want to help you win in any way we can.

Recurring Profile

Billing Period
1 Year cycle.
Repeats until suspended or canceled.

Silver Membership - Yearly

EIGHT new resources AND $20 store credit every month!

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