DYM Network

Are you part of a group who gathers with other youth workers every so often? These gatherings have several different names and unique purposes for meeting (i.e. fellowship, peer-connection, share resources, do events together, etc…). At DYM, we’re big believers that we’re BETTER TOGETHER and we like to hear about youth workers meeting together.
Occasionally, we intend to reward those who gather with some FREE stuff. Youth workers who are committed to hanging out and helping one another deserve some perks now and then. We also want to see where the most strategic gatherings of people are located for future/potential events.
Thanks for taking the time to fill us in about your youth ministry network!!

We are big fans of being part of a group of other youth workers. We’re convinced that the 3 of us wouldn’t be who we are today if it weren’t for the relationship that we have with one another.

To be totally honest, we don’t know how to best serve you and many other networks around the world … but, we know we want to. So, we’ll let you know when we figure out what we’re doing.

In the meantime, we want to give you and everyone in your network a FREE video training from our vault. Here’s what you have to do:

• Visit Download Youth Ministry, and add this product to your cart: http://downloadyouthministry.com/shop/leaders-learners-infuse-l-f-e-youth-ministry/

• Add it to cart, then use the promo code circleoffriends to get it for free!

• Share it with everyone in your network right now via email or at your next meeting!

This type of video is just 1 of 8 monthly products that are part of our DYM membership. For $19.99 a month you get $20 of store credit (essentially, it’s now free) PLUS 7 other products: a training video, an amazing parents’ newsletter app, a game, a creative/program video, a student leadership training, an audio mentoring program, and a mystery download. All this EVERY month!

We’d also love for you to tell you network about it and if they want to try it out for free, we’re happy to make that happen for your network:

• http://downloadyouthministry.com/tryitfree

Thanks for serving and connecting with youth workers in your community. Please let us know what more we can do to help – we’re in!

Helping Youth Workers (and their networks) Win,

Doug, Matt, & Josh