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From the time He arrives, His kingdom is being made known on Earth. Over 2,000 years His rule has been established world-wide and changed the lives of those who place their hope and trust in Him. It is not enough to just know about this Jesus in a historical sense, this study will make clear that people must choose to place themselves under His leadership, begin to live their lives by His divine power, and join in the Kingdom life.

This Resource Includes:

Videos (mov files):
• 75-second sermon bumper
• 5-minute countdown clock
• 3-minute motion background

Graphics (jpeg files):
• Title slide (jpeg file)
• Teaching slide (jpeg file)
• Social square (j file)
• Facebook cover (jpeg file)

Teaching Content:
• pdf files includes: 4 series outlines, 4 sermon outlines, service Illustrations, social media posts and resources (formatted to be print-ready)

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Matthew: Discover the Kingdom Series in a Box

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Matthew: Discover the Kingdom Series in a Box is a one stop shop for all your creative needs to create a powerful four-week series.

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