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Every wonder if your senior pastor is a Christian? Admit it, you've thought that question from time to time. So have we! And so DYM is happy to provide this exclusive product to help share the Gospel with your senior pastor. Be a kingdom worker and share the Good News!

Some testimonials from satisfied customers:

Good news: I was able to share the Gospel with my senior pastor. Bad news: I haven’t been able to find another job since that night.

Or this great insight ...

At first I thought this resource was a joke, but when I ordered it I was convinced my senior pastor doesn’t know Jesus. She may know God, god, or gods, but she doesn’t know Jesus. Thank you DYM for opening my eyes. I have been following blindly. All this talk about numbers, and church growth, and bigger tithes, and global domination… I should have known. I didn’t. I do now and am fully accountable. Also, thanks for the “Bringing Sexy Back” series—what a deal! Thanks.

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How to Lead Your Senior Pastor to Christ

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Ever question their salvation?
Doug Fields is a 30+ year youth ministry veteran who is the Author of 50+ books, Co-founder of Download Ministry, Speaker, Consultant, lover of all things Orange (based in Atlanta), still works with his old youth pastor at the HomeWord Center for Youth & Family at Azusa Pacific University.
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