DYM Submission Guidelines — Become a DYM Author


Thank you so much for your desire to share your resource with the Download Youth Ministry Community. DYM was created to give youth workers a platform to share trench-tested, high-quality resources that are customizable… and inexpensive. We're glad you want to be part of the team!


We don't want your great ideas/resources just sitting on a hard drive when other youth workers could benefit from your material and you could be making royalties for your hard work! (DYM authors earn up to 50% royalty on each of their resources that are sold.)


After publishing several hundred products, we've learned a lot about our customers' desires, how to increase the quality of our products, and how to help you create a better product. When a youth worker downloads a product, we want them to be blown-away over having paid so little for such an amazing product. That's DYM in a nutshell.


Below are some “hard and fast” guidelines designed to help you submit the best, cleanest version of your product so it will move through the DYM Resource Pipeline more quickly. Please read the guidelines that apply to the type of resource you are submitting and, once you've ensured that it is formatted correctly, send it in!


We can’t wait to partner with you!
Doug Fields, Josh Griffin and the DYM Team



PS: Feel free to e-mail allison@downloadyouthministry.com if you have any questions about products or this process.





Step 1: Please review (read thoroughly) the submission guidelines for the type of resource you are submitting. Make sure your resource meets the requirements BEFORE you submit it. Resources that do not meet these guidelines will be returned to the author for corrections. NOTE: These guidelines were updated in January 2017. Please take a moment to read/revisit the guidelines to ensure you are submitting your resource correctly.


Guidelines for submitting GAMES/MEDIA— click here


Guidelines for submitting ADMIN, LEADERSHIP, or other TEXT-BASED CONTENT — click here


Guidelines for submitting TEACHING CONTENT: sermons/series, manuscripts, lessons, small group curriculum, etc. — click here





We will review your material as soon as possible and get back to you. Email allison@downloadyouthministry.com with any questions.


Thanks for helping us help more youth workers win!